Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Use of Senior Living Community Finder App is subject to the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please note that we revise and update the policies and terms at periodic intervals. The latest update was on May 01, 2012.

Privacy Policy

We collect personally identifiable information such as your name and contact information submitted by you thorough our apps (and websites) in order to serve you by matching your requirements with service providers or sending information related to senior care services.

The information will be shared with service providers such as senior living communities and home care service agencies on a limited basis to service your specific requirements. To opt out of the email messages or telephone calls from such third parties, you need to contact the respective service providers.

We may contact you occasionally (generally via email) to provide updates on changes and improvement to our mobile apps and relate websites, such as online senior care directory. We hate spam, as much as you hate it.

Technical information such as browsers, devices, IPs, operating systems also will be logged and tracked by our or third party software in order to improve the technical capabilities of our services.

Terms and Conditions of Use

If you, as a user of our websites or apps, do not accept the following terms and conditions of our service, please exit this website and delete our apps from your devices. Please note that we may revise these terms and conditions from time to time.

While we make every effort to provide the updated information, there is no direct or indirect warranty to the correctness and accuracy of the information such as services provided, quality of service, pricing, etc. that we include on our Mobile Apps and our website resources.

The referral service is provided free of cost to you (consumers / seniors / families). However, the communities and services providers may compensate us directly or indirectly through advertisements and sponsorship.

Please make sure that you conduct due diligence on the services provided by the senior care communities and other service providers. It is your responsibility to research and vet the organizations and providers and make a decision to avail the services.

Our websites and apps contain links to third party websites that we have no control over. We are not responsible for the availability of those web resources and correctness of the information provided.

Information provided on our apps and websites should not be construed as Medical Advise. Please contact your health care service provider for seeking advice on health care.

Also, we do not provide legal or attorney services. Please consult an attorney for elder care and other legal advisory services.