Find Elder Care Communities By Service Area or Community Type

Senior Living communities can be searched by community type such as Assisted Living community, Memory Care / Dementia / Alzheimer’s Care community, CCRC, Skilled Nursing Center (or Nursing Home), Residential Care Home, Independent Retirement Living community, Respite Care / Short Stay facilities, etc.

Search Senior Living Community by State & City or Zip Code & Distance

Senior Living communities can be searched by State and City. You may also use Zip code and a Radial distance. For example, communities could be easily found by specifying a zip code such as 48084 and selecting 25, 50 or 75 miles from the center of the zip code location.

Search Senior Living Communities By City State

The app can also detect your current location and automatically display the Zip code.

View Senior Communities on a Google Map

Multiple senior living communities returned in the search results can be displayed on the Google map in order to see the locations and compare.

Communities on Google Map

Tapping on a community pin on the map will display the respective senior community’s name and address information – which can be drilled down for further for senior living community specific information.

View Community Locations in an area in List Format

The list of communities found in the search results can also be displayed in a list format with the community name and related information such as address.

Senior Living Communities List


View Community Information in Detail

Each community information can be obtained by tapping on the community name in the list form or tapping on the Display Community Detail link on the Google map pop-up.

Senior Community Description

Senior Community Information

Each community information provided includes name, care types / service areas, amenities & features, facility photo, detailed description of the community, and links to related information.

Request Information and Referral to Multiple communities

Free Information can be obtained by filling in a short form in under a minute. Multiple community counselors will contact you to provide additional information, make a preliminary assessment and arrange a facility visit by scheduling an appointment at your convenience.

Request Free Info on Senior Communities

Download the app now and have it handy for researching senior living communities for your or your loved one.

The app also includes a lot of other senior care resources.